Seth Ventress Town Hall

Client: Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts

Location: Marshfield, Massachusetts

Completion: Marshfield, Massachusetts

The purpose of this historic restoration project was to bring back to life an 1895 library, originally built in accordance with the will of one of it’s residents, Seth Ventress. Over the next 100-plus years, this three story Victorian structure, served as the Town of Marshfield’s library, police station, town hall, high-school, and most recently, became the administrative offices for the school department.

All historically significant features were protected and restored, including all of the incredibly ornate millwork carving above the doors, around the windows, throughout the three-story grand staircase, as well as the second-story gathering space where town meetings, performances, and recreational activities have occurred. Where appropriate, spaces were given more contemporary finishes, contours, and construction systems, such as an elevator off the main lobby, to bring the building into the demands of the 21st century. In addition, the entire cladding system was removed, and replaced, and a new handicap entryway was constructed.

The finished building brought back to life a striking historic landmark that had fallen into disrepair due to decades of neglect. This is another example, of how strategic funding on historic landmarks, and other architect, can have a profound impact on community identity, and the corresponding economic landscape.

*designed while working for HKT Architects


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