Client: Puckerbrush Restaurant

Location: Greenville, Maine

Completion: TBD

A Maine restaurant on Mooshead Lake in Greenville, Maine with condominiums up above on the second and third floors.  The intent is to open a restaurant that will serve wood-fired cuisine, and possibly craft beer (modeled after Bangor Blaze). It will have a cozy atmosphere that appeals to both “out-of-staters” and locals alike. The extensive use of stone, wood, brick, and other natural design elements will persist, but will be done in a contemporary fashion. A central fireplace has been included in this scope of work. The overall feel should be intimate but open to the water experience. In addition to a restaurant on the first floor, retail spaces facing Pritham Street will also be included. They will be boutique-style shops that will not have public bathrooms. These may be accessed directly from the street and possibly from the restaurant as well. High-end condominiums – totaling a minimum of 3. Each unit will have two bedrooms, an individual fireplace, kitchen, living area, and rooftop terrace with sweeping views of the water. A boardwalk will also be designed that passes through the water boundary of the property. This will be designed in conjunction with the Town of Greenville, and will be integrated into the functionality of the restaurant as well as the condominiums above.

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