Houghton’s Pond Bath House

Client: Department of Conservation and Recreation

Location: Milton, Massachusetts

Completion: Summer 2010

The Blue Hills Reservation is a popular destination for the Greater Boston area, and Houghton’s Pond receives more visitor’s than any other part of the reservation. Houghton’s Pond Recreation Area and bathhouse regularly hosts as many as 100,000 visitors during the summer season and up to 8,000 on peak summer days. A new bath house that could meet the demands of the visitors was critical to the continued success, and protection, of the site.

The new bath house, built on the site of the previous facility, was designed in such a way as to emphasize the majesty of the surrounding natural environment, by creating a building envelope that afforded views of the fields, forest, and pond, and generated easy pedestrian relationships across the site that didn’t inhibit natural movement. One example of this approach, was the creation of the breezeway that allow a view of the field through the building from the pond, and visa versa, while allowing visitor’s to flow easily through the building.

This project provides universal access for all people. This was accomplished using long, rolling ramps with permeable pavers, and vegetated buffers that provided access to a building elevated off the beach, and down a steeply sloped entry.

*designed while working for HKT Architects


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