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Meet Rob Ervin, Maine
Architect, of Ervin Architecture.

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Dear Future Client,

If you are reading this, you hold some curiosity about building in Maine. This inquiry shows you understand the need to hire a Maine architect to shepherd your project, and that you are making a commitment to this great state. As a resident, business owner, and homeowner, I can appreciate your decision. Maine is boundless it’s economic opportunities and it’s quality of life offerings. With a little elbow grease, you can accomplish whatever and become whomever you want to be here.

What was once a really well kept secret for a long time, Maine is now being discovered more and more by outsiders with each passing year. People are choosing to build new businesses here, expand upon already established ones, build dream homes and second homes, and contribute their presence, in a variety of manifestations, to Maine’s cultural fabric and growing economic footprint.

We are unique in several critical ways.

We hold an international border with New Brunswick and Quebec provinces of Canada.

  • We have the western hills and mountains that support a thriving ski industry at Sugarloaf USA and Sunday River.
  • We have the famed Baxter State Park, home to Mount Katahdin.
  • We have countless lakes, rivers and streams including two large bodies of freshwater with Sebego Lake to the south, and Moosehead Lake to the north.
  • We have the longest coastline in the country which supports some of the most famous coastal communities in the nation from Oqunquit and Kennebunkport to Camden and Bar Harbor. We boast the more visited national park in the country; Acadia National Park.
  • We have several superb urban centers from the coastal King City of Portland (which was voted America’s #1 restaurant city) to the riverfront community of the Queen City of Bangor Maine (home to Waterfront Concerts).
  • We have a myriad of rebounding and growing cities and towns that are taking bold measures to grow, and contribute to the Maine brand. Places like Caribou, Fort Kent, Presque Isle, Calais, Lewistion, Auburn, and Waterville are all on the move.
  • We have four distinct seasons, offering unmatched outdoor recreation. And that’s just off the top of my head. 🙂

Born in Bangor, Maine I went to Bangor High School and graduated with Honors in 1996. Attending Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine was about as Maine an education as one can get. It was during this time I explored the Midcoast, and got to know Portland as well. As time went by, I spent long stretches in New York, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington State but like a homing pigeon returning to roost, I found my way home to Bangor in 2010 to not only plant my roots and start Ervin Architecture but to do what my ancestors had done for generations; make a lasting impact.

To all of our future clients, and those past and present, we are humbled by the continued interest in our firm and your decision to give us the opportunity to deliver great design to you in Maine. My team here at Ervin Architecture subscribes to this statewide initiative of cultural contribution and to enhance Maine for future generations. We thrive at creating sensitive, compelling residential and commercial architecture that enhances people’s lives and gives communities the necessary cultural catalysts to grow. On behalf of the entire team here at Ervin Architecture, we appreciate your interest and hope you reach out with any questions as you contemplate taking the next step in “Maine living.”

Best, Rob Ervin

Robert W. Ervin, AIA LEED BD+C, NCARB