Let’s Build That Dream togetherTM


Let’s Build That Dream togetherTM

LOCATION: Portland, ME

EA is a UNIQUE opportunity:

We want to give you an opportunity that we didn’t have until we joined the Ervin Architecture team. Leadership at EA got knocked around in the Boston/New York corporate machine and learned little but dealt with substantional stress. It wasn’t until we built EA, that we too, could grow and thrive and get excited again about architecture.

So we pose this question: Tired of your current job? We understand. Architecture is a grind…and with the wrong office politics you seem like you can’t succeed and are always looking over your shoulder. The ownership at Ervin Architecture has been there and we strive to foster a collaborative learning environment so that we can all succeed together.

The JOB:

  • We are looking for a top caliber Interior Designers w Revit skills that can learn quickly and take on a significant leadership roles in the creation of large entertainment project types.
  • You will be creating color/texture palettes, looking at effects from lighting (both artifical and natural), selecting materials, selecting lighting, selecting furniture, cultivating brandable ambience in spaces, coordinating material/lighting/furniture orders, producing schedules/plans/elevations as they relate to interior design.
  • Qualified candidates may take on leadership roles and head departments as they succeed.
  • EA embraces the redline process and believes in thorough guidance from the supervisors. We want you to succeed and will allow you to explore your own ideas.
  • Learning in architecture happens in the office and the field. Remote work can be supplemental but we do want you in our Portland Office, at least 50% of the time. Trust us when we tell you, this is critical to you professional development.
  • Project types are almost exclusively large scale music venues

EA is for YOU:

  • Learn from the best and grow your skill set.
  • Get out into the field on construction sites and see your efforts materialize in built form.
  • Build confidence in your career choice and develop into a productive team member.
  • Substantial salary and benefits package available.

Come Thrive With US and Let’s Build That Dream Together!