Be True To Yourself And You Will Thrive. Here’s How:

Aristotle once wrote “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” which is a fitting quote to open this blog with, but let’s take this one step further. Know thyself is an important preliminary lesson, but the precursor to something more profound: be true to yourself.

This is a complete and total commitment to oneself that must be established from within on a personal level. Only then can you shape a business that reflects that commitment. It varies from person to person and from business to business. For us, it’s all about producing “wow factor” design that helps stitch the cultural fabric of communities. For you, it is likely something much different.

Now it may sound like an easy concept but it requires something critical to be established; who are you?

Step one: find yourself. Step two: be true to yourself. Step one comes sooner than you might think. Step two is the process of acknowledgment and being fearless in accepting and sending that out into the world. Most people/businesses already know who they are but they let other pressures mold them. Don’t let the external mold you. You are the sculptor. You are not the marble.

Why is that important? Well, in our experience, being true to yourself leads to happiness which in turn leads to supercharged passion, productivity, and eventually, the right kind of profitability.

How do you be true to yourself in a business context? Is it possible when the bottom line and revenue stream is critical to an early firm’s success? Well, it is. In fact, a common pitfall is to convince yourself that profitability is all about money. It isn’t, though we are constantly led to believe this.

Words of advice for sustained success? Don’t chase the dollar. Let the dollar find you, the real YOU.

Don’t: Make compromises on what makes you happy. Associate yourself with elements that undermine your confidence and your convictions. Take on jobs to “keep the lights on.” Take on jobs that bring negativity. Get into relationships with clients, contractors, friends, relatives, lovers, that bring negativity, or more importantly, cause you to question yourself in a non-construction manner.

We used to chase the dollar at times as we came out of the primordial entrepreneurial soup and it almost always led to setbacks, self-doubt, and detours that took us away from our goals. Please don’t repeat the mistakes we made.

Do: Chase opportunity, not money. Chase exposure. Take care of your clients. Give your clients great deals and discounts. Spread your happiness. Share your passion. Allow your clients to feel what you have in your own heart and in your creative center.

As a result, this will lead to a business that is well-positioned in the right landscape of positive networks which will lead to a firm driven to succeed. You’ll be happy. Your employees will be happy. Your clients will be happy.

And the dollar will find YOU.