Ervin Architecture is a full-service LEED BD+C architecture firm with an emphasis on creating impactful design solutions that leave their clients supremely satisfied.

Ervin Architecture puts client satisfaction above all elseā€¦and the talented team works tirelessly to collaborate in an efficient and productive manner where all parties (architect, client, and engineers) learn from each other and work toward a common goal: maximize impact (aesthetic, functional, programmatic, and energy conservation) on as minimal a budget as possible. This approach has produced some incredible work, but more importantly, it has produced wonderful long-term relationships. As a result, almost all of the clients at Ervin Architecture are repeat customers.

Founded by Robert W. Ervin, AIA, LEED BD+C, NCARB, Ervin Architecture is growing, and thriving, and has expanded into new markets rapidly. Originally founded in Bangor, Maine, it has grown to include offices in New Hampshire and throughout Florida.

In regard to Florida in particular, after many recreational, educational, and professional trips to the vibrant state of Florida, Ervin Architecture has committed to serving the Florida community. He is thrilled to be a part of this community because it simply is one of the greatest places to be! Countless labor statistics, design trends, billings indexes, and surveys indicate that Florida communities are among the fastest growing, and most vibrant, in the country. If you live in Florida, contact us today and we’d be happy to set up a free consultation.

Ervin Architecture sees each project, and locale, as an exciting challenge. Ervin Architecture routinely donates to local charities, and is involved in the AIA Mentorship Program for educating young aspiring architects.

The team at Ervin Architecture has over 75 years of combined experience working as Maine engineers and Maine architects. You will receive direct personal attention from Architect Robert W. Ervin, AIA, LEED BD+C, and his experienced team of engineers, leading you every step of the way through this enjoyable process. Ervin Architecture is passionate about what they do, and they always deliver.

The founder, Robert W. Ervin (see picture), is a licensed Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. He has been involved in the field of architecture for nearly two decades, and is well-respected throughout the United States architecture community. He worked in Boston, New York, and Denver, before establishing Ervin Architecture in 2012. He has worked on projects throughout the continental U.S.A., as well as projects in the Middle East and Europe.

Robert has experience designing buildings in residential, institutional, restaurant, business office, and municipal spheres, and currently is becoming an expert in medical office design and construction. His expertise in design, and building technology, continue to create projects that are better designed, with lower costs, giving his clients a better overall value in their investment.

Robert has mountaineered all over the continental United States and Alaska. He is an award-winning photographer and artist, and is talented in all areas of design and creativity. Robert draws on cultural influences in Belize, India, Egypt, Italy, and Greece from his travels, as well as from Japanese and Chinese design methodologies. Robert enjoys hiking in Acadia National Park, and fly-fishing at his camp outside of Baxter State Park.

Ervin Architecture uses parametric modeling, 3d printing, CNC milling machines, and laser cutting technologies to produce sophisticated “one-of-a-kind” design elements for his clients that make their restaurants, medical offices, academic facilities, and homes unique.

Ervin Architecture will be posting the resumes of team members shortly, so stay tuned.