Robert Ervin

Robert W. Ervin is a native of Bangor, Maine and opened shop in his home town in 2012 and expanded to open two offices in Florida in 2016. Focusing on low-cost, energy-efficient commercial and residential solutions with client satisfaction being the paramount goal, has led to a business that is well-respected throughout the region.

We listen. A lot. Then we listen some more. We aren’t afraid to make a lot of iterations to get even the tiniest details right. Leave the obsessing to us…because we do it well. We want to get the project 100% right for you! It’s how we sleep at night.

Recently, Ervin Architecture has expanded to include offices in Florida, as well. We have dedicated staff in both locations and we find that our unique understanding of both Maine and Florida climates, and design typologies, cross-fertilize and enhance our company experience. We have clients that are snowbirds that have hired us in both locations!

We presently work with a team of developers, animators, renderers, estimators, and engineers to give our clients a well-rounded and complete “in-house” experience. We have over 150 years of combined experience and it shows in the ease of project delivery process.

Initial consultations are always free. Call or message us today and we’d be happy to start guiding you. Let’s Build That Dream Together™.