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A Licensed Maine Architect With Worldwide Design Experience

Now there is an alternative in the greater Bangor, Maine region for people looking to hire a qualified architecture firm. Ervin Architecture is the alternative you've been looking for. We offer reasonable fees for a wide range of services, without any hidden fees for extra services. Ervin Architecture is located just outside of Bangor in Holden, Maine, with an approach to design that is informed and draws from a more global and contemporary influence. From Denver to Bar Harbor, and from Morocco to Dubai, Ervin Architecture has designed a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings.

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Bangor Family Dentistry

Client: Bangor Family Dentistry

Location: Bangor, Maine

Location: Summer 2013

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An Alternative In The Bangor, Maine Region

Ervin Architecture offers reasonable fees for a wide range of services, without any hidden fees for extra services. And when you hire Ervin Architecture, you get direct personal attention from the owner, Robert W. Ervin, AIA, LEED BD+C, and his experienced team of engineers working alongside you to develop a solution that fits your needs exactly.  Ervin Architecture features a Maine licensed architect who is also a LEED BD+C, with 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial architecture. His team of engineer consultants have over 50 years of experience combined throughout the State of Maine. As a complete team, Ervin Architecture's talents in design and cost-saving measures in construction, have made Ervin Architecture's residential and commercial clients very satisfied.

Down East Orthopedics Associates

Client: Down East Orthopedics Associates

Location: Ridgewood Drive Project, Bangor, Maine

Location: December 2013

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LEED Accredited Architect Who Is Committed To Conserving Energy

Being a LEED BD+C (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, with a focus in Building Design & Construction) design firm allows clients to achieve the goals of the LEED Rating System for their project. If this is not needed, Ervin Architecture still designs in a responsible, and eco-friendly manner. Life-cycle energy analysis, as well as carbon-footprint and embodied energy issues, are considered through the construction process especially as they pertain to long-term operating costs. We endeavor to provide green design solutions that are eco-friendly, affordable, support local businesses, and give the client long-term value, and savings. Additionally, Ervin Architecture is on the forefront of understanding cold-weather energy solutions.

Finback Roof Garden and Lounge

Client: Finback Restaurant, LLC

Location: Bar Harbor, Maine

Location: TBD

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